Security FAQ’s:

Are my messages encrypted during transit:
Yes; however, they are only encrypted on the users end of the transmission. The level of security on the client’s end will depend on the features provided by either the carrier or a add on product purchased by the client

Are my messages encrypted at rest?:

How secure is the database my data is stored on:
We have 256 bit encryption on all databases and each user has their own databases so no data contamination is possible.

Can a message recipient choose to stop receiving messages from me?
Yes, if they text the word STOP to your number they will receive an auto response letting them know they will no longer receive any messages from that number. It will also notify them that if they want to remove the STOP function, they can text the word START and begin receiving messages again.

Messaging FAQ’s:

If I send a message from the app on my phone, will it show on the computer based platform? If so, how long does it take to show up?
Yes, regardless of where a message is sent from, it will show up on the other platform. It shows up simultaneously.

How does the group message feature work?
You can send a group message to a list of contacts you select or to a tag group. You type the message in using the group message feature; however, it never sends a group message. It will send an individual message to each recipient and that recipients message history will reflect this.

How far out in advance can I schedule a message?
There is no limit on how far out you can schedule a message.

How do I schedule a message?
Type the message to the desired recipient and instead of selecting the send button, simply
select the calendar icon. This will pop up a window for you to select the date and time for the message to be sent.

Can I schedule a message for a group?
Yes, to do this you will select the group message feature on the top row and type your message and the desired recipients. Instead of selecting the send icon, simply select the calendar icon and you will be prompted to choose the date and time for the scheduled message.

How can I send an image to a contact?
Simply add the image to your media folder (this can be done from that app or the computer). Once the image is loaded, you must select the desired recipient first, and then select the image you want to send.

Is there a size limit for a media message?
Yes, 5MB

What time will the scheduled messages be sent to a recipient?
Approximately 8 AM

How far back will a message history go?
This is something determined by the user, generally we don’t suggest going back farther than 60-90 days to keep storage requirements on a mobile phone to a minimum.

Set-Up FAQ’s:

Is it possible for me to keep my existing business phone number for MyRepChat?
Yes, if you have an existing landline number, we may be able to simply text enable that number to by used for MyRepChat

If I create a text only number, is that my dedicated number?
Yes, that number is yours and can only be accessed by you

Can I pick my own area code if I create a new number?
Yes, when you set up your profile, you will type in your desired area code. You will then be provided with a list of number options to pick from.

Can I change my number after I’ve selected it?
Yes. You could choose to terminate that number and create a new one or keep that number active and create a new one with all messages forwarding to the new one to ensure anyone sending messages to the old one doesn’t have a negative interaction

What happens if someone calls this number?
Any inbound calls will be forwarded to a number that you provide in your profile. The caller will not know the call was forwarded as it happens in real time. You can also change what number you want to have calls forwarded to.

Can I activate an out of office message?
Yes, in your tools section you can select the auto response and customize the auto response.

Importing Contacts FAQ’s:

What file formats can I use to import my contacts?
CSV only

Is there a limit on how many contacts I can import?
No, there is also no limit to the number of contacts you can have in your system